A very active parent community supports Rawdon Elementary School (RES). By virtue of The Education Act, Section 42, parents have legal representation on the Governing Board of the school, a decisional body instrumental in approving school policies and orientations. The RES Governing Board consists of parents, school staff, and representatives from the community. The Governing Board is formed at the beginning of the school year. The Parents’ Annual Assembly is held every fall. At this assembly, the parents of the school elect the Governing Board parent representatives, as well as the parent representative to the school board.

This year our Governing Board members are:

Parents: Joanna Barnowski, Melissa Massarelli, Anna-Maria Cristiano, Jacinthe Beauséjour, Lisa Pietracupa, Estelle Hebert (substitutes: Shannon MacDonald, Gabrielle Duval, Kimberly Landry-Niles)

Teachers: Mrs. Amy Simpson, Mrs. Debbie Trempe, Mrs. Serena Schoof, Mrs. Eliza Watling (substitute Nadia Montessano)

Support staff: Nancy Wheeler, Jessica Lowe

Community members: Ruby Emond CLC coordinator, Jude Yankowski ECOL

Principal: Chantal Ouimet

We thank you for your precious implication!