Rawdon Elementary adheres to a Code of Conduct, a dress code, and a Behavioural Plan. The Code of Conduct is posted throughout the school, the students’ agenda and is supported by the entire REMS community. Following are the Code of Conduct, the dress code, and the Behavioural Plan:

RES Code of Conduct

Respect for others, yourself and the environment
All Around the SchoolQuietly greet others with a smile
Use kind words
Speak, act and dress appropriately
Keep our school neat and tidy
Keep furniture and equipment in good condition
ClassroomLook at the teacher
Participate in the class discussion by raising my hand,
Get work done
Follow the directions of the person in charge
Keep my hands and feet to myself
Locker Areas & HallwaysQuickly get prepared
Walk calmly  and respect displays
School YardTake turns and play safely in assigned areas
Follow the instructions of the person in charge
Keep the grounds clean
Report problems
LunchroomSit properly and calmly to eat
Wait for permission before leaving my seat
Keep my area clean
Do not share food
School BusBe at the bus stop 10 minutes ahead of scheduled time
Stay seated quietly and keep the aisle clear
Listen to my bus driver’s instructions