The following is a collaborative effort by teachers and bus drivers of REMS and ratified at a Governing Board meeting to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride to and from school for all students.

Tickets & Consquences

  1. Warning
  2. Warning and bus notice home
  3. Bus suspension and call home (gravity of situation = number of days)
  4. Bus suspension, notifying Director of Transportation, call home, and parent/student meeting. (gravity of situation = number of days)
  5. Indefinite suspension from bus pending review, notification & file of
  6. actions taken to Director of Transportation, telephone call and letter home as official notification

Any ticket given which is deemed to have endangered the lives of students and the driver will result in an immediate bus suspension even if this is the first ticket received. (gravity of situation = number of days)

Let’s be safe!

Please be at your bus stop on time! Poor weather or a change in bus drivers can delay the bus’ arrival – PLEASE BE PATIENT!

Please note that your child may be taking a different numbered bus to return home.

Some basic rules:

  • Stand back from the road
  • Wait until the bus driver signals you to board
  • Sit quietly on the bus
  • Nothing goes out the windows of the bus (arms, heads, food, papers, etc.)
  • Stay in your seat
  • Respect and follow the bus driver’s rules
  • Buses cannot move until bus lane is free of students and adults
  • Due to insurance and security regulations, bus changes are NOT possible.

Remember – Bus lane is for buses only!